COVID 19 update

Good Morning members,

We want to advise you that we have yet to receive any exemptions. We all understand your concerns and frustrations in this situation. We are working diligently to try and get something going and continue our fight. We want to congratulate the WRA in receiving their exemption for the 1-day rodeo and their work alongside the CPRA in developing a moving forward plan for rodeo this year. The AHSRA also received exemption for their spring rodeos, and we would like to congratulate them as well.
These are all positive steps in moving in the right direction for all to open. We are working with some of these individuals and continue to request that we can get approved. The board would like to remind our members this is not the time to work against our sister organizations in their efforts but congratulate them in getting them done and continue our fight alongside them. We are by far the largest widespread association with the most membership and thus have some challenges in the understanding portion of our organization. However, we have hope that we can get through this.
If you are looking for something to do to contribute, please send letters to your MLA daily, weekly, be that dog with a bone and support our industry. To those who have received approval please follow the rules and respect the work these offices and boards have done to get you approval and show them how we can move forward safely. If there is anything you can do to help it is that you be diligent with social distancing and mask wear etc. AHS will be watching the events that have received approval and we need for them to run smoothly so the rest of us can keep pushing that we have faith in our membership to follow rules and guidelines and get opened and going.
We will keep you all I formed as much as we can as we continue to push forward. Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding!

Charlene Humphrey President

Jill McDougall office Manger

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