Exemption Approval – update

The ABRA is proud to announce that we should have an exemption for a list of events starting April 19 to May 15. McDougall Arena will be hosting an event on Saturday April 17 to work out all possible road blocks and create a model for others. We have chosen hosts that were willing to be diligent and experienced in putting on events and were willing to work with us and AHS on what we can do to move forward. Directors are in the process of contacting those host they feel can do this between Apr 17 & May 15. Anyone interesting in hosting after May 15 please submit your dates to your director and stay tuned for updates on the protocols that will be required for both members and hosts on the website.

There are other equine events and other industry working on getting exemptions as well and they may not all roll out at the same time. Reporting of our events will happen by local area residents and events will be monitored by AHS so following the protocols will be essential. We need to be diligent in keeping our information off of social media at this time.

The protocols that you as members and hosts will be required to do will not be easy but it’s a start and step in the right direction. If these protocols are difficult for you we ask that you do not attend our events. Enforcement of these will be given the utmost importance and we do not want to be shut down before we get started because someone didn’t wish to comply.  Additional events will be added to the calendar following May 15 each host will be required to provide a detailed outline of the facility and how they will be parking and flowing people through the event while meeting protocols in the provided documentation.  Should you have further questions or concerns please contact your director and or the office. Please stay tuned for additional qualification updates and changes for finals. 

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