So we promised some exciting news for the end of the week and here it is! COVID COIN!! we want to thank all of the members for sticking with us this last year! Its been a roller-coaster to say the least and your loyalty to our organization has shown true and we want to give back to you! It is our 25th anniversary and and one of the first big races to make a come back so here it goes!!

THERE WILL BE DAY PAY at the finals!!! We took the 20% hold back for the short go money and ADDED $25,000 to it for the open and $10,000 for the youth. Now one catch! We pro rated it based on the entries each day example: 51% of the youth are up tues/wed so 51% of the Covid Coin and Day pay is up for grabs Tues/Wed.

NEXT!!! YUP there is more. We increased the average payout to 25,000 in the open and 10,000 in the youth. That’s 12,500 in more added money!

NEXT!! We gave 20,000 towards more prizes!!! THE PRIZES WILL BE AMAZING!!

THERE will be $70,000 added to the Open from $2 money this year and $20,000 to the Youth.

What does this mean for you! IT MEANS YOU HAVE 5 chances at money! Day pay each day (2) Overall round money (2 rounds) and Average money. You also run for outstanding Day Prizes each day and overall round winner Troy Fischer Buckles and Top 8 Open Average and Top 4 Youth Average prizes. OPEN ARE RECEIVING $3,800 gift certificates towards a WOODY’S SADDLE!!! YEEK!!! How exciting.

LASTLY!!! Pee Wee we didn’t forget you!! We have added a Division and changed the format. Due to the large entries our pee wee will be a 4D 3 second split. Prizes both days to the peewee’s. Overall Average winners and top additional 3 prizes as well as $2400 in payout divided between the 4D’s and top 4 in each.

LET’S CELEBRATE 25 years! Let’s come have fun! Enjoy our week and some great barrel racing.

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