covid 19 update

In review of the recent restrictions, it is disheartening to see us going back into this however after reviewing the material published the ABRA stance is as follows:

“If a facility chooses an option set forth by the government. Members must accept or not enter”

Our understanding is this:

Outdoor jackpots will continue with zero restrictions. 

Indoor facilities need to choose what works best for their own facility and advertise as such.  Option 1: Proof of Negative Test within 72hrs or Proof of Vaccination or Option 2: 1/3 of the fire code and restrictions of masks and social distancing will be in effect. Calnash has advised they will be choosing option two which is our recommendation.

We ask that all members abide by the rules of each facility and speak to hosts prior to attending if or what you need to do to use their facility and be respectful as such. 

Thank you everyone.  

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