I am sure you have all be waiting to hear what we are doing for the 2022 ABRA Finals.  We want you all to know that it really did come down to the wire!! But there was an obvious winner.  However, to try and make things work and be easier for everyone we have changed up a few things so see below the format/schedule of the 2022 ABRA Finals. 
Monday – Set Up

Tuesday – Morning Time Onlys

Tuesday Afternoon – Youth Round 1

Wednesday Morning-Afternoon Open 1-400 (Group A Round 1)

Wednesday Afternoon-Evening Youth Round 2

Thursday Morning-Afternoon Open 400-1 (Group A Round 2)

Thursday Afternoon – Evening YOUTH SHORT GO we will confirm at a later date how many average and fast time we take back when official format is posted. 

Friday Morning – Afternoon Open 401-800?? ( Group B Round 1)

Friday Afternoon -Evening PEE WEE

Saturday Morning – Afternoon Open 800??-401 (Group B Round 2)


To qualify for the OPEN SHORT GO we will take the top 15 in the average in each D and top 35 Fast times in each D.  vs previous format. Time Splits are still being reviewed and will be posted with the official format. 

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