Updates From ABRA

ABRA is awaiting the release of some updates on restriction lifts this week and as soon as we hear from the Government what the next few weeks are going to look like we will be able to further determine approvals. We want the membership to know that we want to be open and hosting as badly as you want to be going and will work with AHS and Hosts the best we can. That being said we have left the jackpots on the schedule for the weekend as of right now but please check daily for cancellations as we still are not sure what is happening. If the jackpots can somehow go this weekend we will be approving them but this is still unknown at this time. Over the next little while things could be day to day on the changes. We know as much as you do from the Government. Please also note that we are going to begin some major plans for the ABRA finals this year and will release this information as soon as we have concrete plans. We may have more than one plan this year as to how we can pull off a finals and so just know that there will be one and we plan to have back up plans on how or if we have to take extra measurers for this to happen. Take care everyone.

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