Update re: ABRA Finals 2021

ABRA is excited to announce that plans are still under way for the 2021 Finals.  As sponsorship and tradeshow applications head out this week we can’t wait to bring you up to speed with what we have planned.

New for 2021 in hopes to be able to meet COVID-19 potential restrictions and number limiting the ABRA has crossed its fingers and toes that this format will allow for all of our members to participate.

New format: Enter your preferred Draw Days (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, Friday or Saturday, Sunday) based on first come first serve.  Payout on Two Rounds and Average.  Prizes on the Average, and stacked prizes for each day based on that day’s fast time (these will be amazing).  Pee Wee, Youth and Open will run in that order each day and the second day reverse order.  That’s right pee wees get to run twice. There will be no High Point or Short Go’s this year which is disappointing however, this is still a way to have our Annual Finals and run for great money and prizes as per the usual. The entries for each draw will be reviewed to ensure we can meet as many restrictions as possible. The Prizes and Money normally committed to those areas will be distributed to you the members in the payout and prizes; however at this time we have not confirmed if that will go into the average, go round, or if we will pay day money as well.

More Details to come in the next months when the finalized format entry dates etc will be released.

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