Update From ABRA Office

The ABRA board met on April 6 where we reviewed the current situation. The board has rescheduled a meeting for Mid May to re-evaluate. We want to reassure the members that if there’s a way to host the finals we most definitely will be doing so. That being said we want members to not worry about the qualifications. We definitely will be making adjustments to allow attendance. Our greatest concerns are the following and we all agree it is a touch early to confirm or predict.  

1. We are out of isolation but with restrictions. Meaning will we be able to have 500 to 1000 people moving through a facility by the end of August. 

2. Economically can we ask our small business sponsors to support our event or is it better to allow them to recoup from this and plan for a 2021 finals.

3. If there’s restrictions can we afford to host the finals with less entries and is that fair to everyone and how do you limit who can enter.  

4. Would three regional or district added jackpots be a better solution and roll over as much as we can to have a larger 2021 finals.

 5. Lastly, most importantly we need confirmation that we will have insurance to cover a large scale event and at this time that can not be confirmed by our insurance company.  

All of this is under consideration as the government rolls out what is allowed and currently that is changing daily.  

That being said on a jackpot front we still remain hopeful that once isolations have been lift and insurance can be restored even if this means small entry jackpots with more dates or multiple draw times etc we will work hard with our insurance company hosts and members to do all we can to allow you to go and compete safely for everyone. 

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