At this time the ABRA has decided to reduce qualifications by the following:

OPEN: 5 for horse and five for rider. 

YOUTH: 3 for horse and three for rider 

PEEWEE: 2 for horse and two for rider 

However: we will also be allowing a buy in option for these qualifications under the following rules. 

Open Must have 2 rider qualification 

Youth 1 rider qualification 

Pee wee 1 rider qualification. 

The additional rider or horse qualifications will be able to be purchased at the end of June. The costs for these qualifications will not be determined till a later date. 

We have reduced the qualifications because of our shut down months but we want to ensure that a minimum attendance was required as well as a buy in option in the event someone is sick or has COVID and thus effects their ability to get qualified. 

We hope this is understandable for everyone IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS CONTACT YOUR DIRECTOR FIRST thanks everyone.  

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