NOTE TO MEMBERS: just a note to members entering jackpots they will all be pre entries and many will have online google forms for you to do this with and or email in forms. Entries will be capped in order to meeting protocols so do not be offended if you can’t get entered or entries close earlier than expect once full.
All will be required to fill out a pre screening form and a waiver and entry form. All fees and payouts will be done etransfer.
Please understand this is a new process for a lot of hosts and they are doing their best. Being respectful to them is at the utmost importance to the ABRA anyone choosing to not be respectful will be notified by the office and possible enforcements will be reviewed by the board. Thank you everyone who has been supportive, patient, and helpful. THANK YOU TO OUR HOSTS who are stepping up and moving with the forever changes the extra work loads be thankful when you see them this is not easy to navigate at this time.

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