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The ABRA is a provincial, non-profit organization formed in 1996 to promote the sport of barrel racing in Alberta.  The ABRA sanctions Open, Youth, and Peewee barrel races where each horse and rider has an equal opportunity to be competitive at his or her own level.  By using the 3-D format, and awarding riders in 3 different divisions, not only are the top competitors awarded for their efforts, but so are the riders and horses at every other level of competition.  This creates barrel races where beginning riders and young horses are welcome to take home some of the money, along with the top horses and riders.

The ABRA hosts an annual, provincial finals each August.  Finals qualification is based on jackpot attendance.

The ABRA consists of members of all ages and levels of competition that simply enjoy this great family sport.  In fact, youth and beginner participation is strongly encouraged.  All members play a part in the continued success of the association.  Whether a member chooses to host jackpots, serve on the board of directors, volunteer at the finals, obtain finals sponsorship, or attend jackpots, each member is a vital part of the ABRA.

For more information on the ABRA, please contact a member of the Board of Directors.  If you are interested in becoming a member, membership information can be found on the membership tab of this website.

  • To promote the sport of barrel racing by providing barrel race competitions in which each horse and rider has an equal opportunity to be competitive at his or her own level.
  • To organize, control, supervise and manage Barrel Racing events alone or in conjunction with other Rodeos, Light Horse Shows, and other similar competitions and entertainment for the mutual benefit, safety and protection of the members and to raise the standard of Approved Barrel Racing Jackpots.
  • To bring Alberta barrel racers together at a Provincial Finals.
  • To encourage youth participation at jackpots throughout the year, and to include the youth at the Finals.