The ABRA is currently on making adjustments to its rule book but please note the following regarding Co Sanction or Co approval with other organizations: 
To clarify the ABRA rules surrounding Co Sanctioning/co approval with other associations please note the following:The ABRA will only Co-sanction/co-approve if we are the mother association and our rules and payout apply.  That being said everyone in attendance has an ABRA Membership.  Example of how hosts have “dual Approved” are the following:  Hosts a double header jackpot where the first jackpot is ABRA and the second jackpot is other association neither being involved with the other. Hosts have hosted ABRA jackpot with a side pot for the other association. 
These are examples of how you can host a co approved event however everyone attending an approved event by the ABRA must have an ABRA membership and our rules followed. Thank you.