It is with great sadness the ABRA has made the difficult decision to officially cancel our Provincial Finals. With this comes many questions for you as members and we hope that this will answer them for you.  If you have further questions you are welcomed to contact your director.

  • Finals Fees collected thus far will be added to the 2021 finals.
  • Qualifications from July 1 2019 to the shutdown will be rolled over to count towards the 2021 finals so long as your existing membership is renewed prior to November 30.
  • 2020-2021 season membership will open up in the coming weeks.
  • Memberships received between March 1 and March 16 and “not used” will be given two options. 1. Refund 2. Rolled over to a new 2020-2021 season card.
  • No other memberships will be refunded.
  • Youth & Pee Wee that were going to age out of their category for this seasons finals will be given the option when renewing their membership or purchasing their membership for 2020-2021 a grace time to stay in the previous category for one more year if they so choose.
  • If jackpots are allowed from now to June 30th Finals Fees will be waived. Any jackpots after June 30th, finals fees will be collected for the 2021 Finals.
  • Scholarships for the 2020 year will be extended to the deadline of July 1st. This is available to all 2019 & 2020 membership holders.
  • Annual General Meeting – Is presently postponed due to the Covid -19 social distancing and will be properly held and advertised when it is safe to do so.
  • Hosting of Jackpots
    • All jackpot approvals from today to end of December 2020 will be removed.
    • A new approval system will be developed through the Social Distancing Jackpots and coordinated with local AHS.
    • Hosts will be required to receive written approval from AHS for the facilities they are hosting in and the format they wish to use to adhere to all social distancing measures.
    • The office has developed an entry form and proposal that has seen positive reviews from AHS when recreational activities do open. We encourage hosts to contact the office via email to receive these documents and begin working with their local AHS Inspector so that when activities open they have processes in place to move forward.
    • The board realizes that hosts maybe be limited to the amount of entries they can take and that pre entries will be the only format available during this time. We will all need to work together during this pandemic and thus not everyone may get to enter every jackpot but waiving of required amounts of jackpots in an area may be reviewed and allowances and guidelines on what can be done to help people attend jackpots will be looked at carefully.
    • In having AHS approval our insurance will be intact and able to confidently protect the association, hosts, & members for liable issues. 

Thank you to all our members, sponsors, hosts, personnel and supporters for your patience and understanding during this challenging time. We are looking forward to celebrating our 25th Anniversary in 2021 as the biggest and best finals ever. Stay tuned for releases of these exciting announcements!

Take care and be safe!                                                                                                                                       

ABRA Board of Directors and Staff



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